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GenAI Automation

Generative AI technology creates new opportunities for automation, such as querying databases, managing emails, verifying system security, and much more. GenAI elevates the resourcefulness and creativity of the technologists we work with.

  • Satya models uses fine-tuned OpenAI and open source models for accuracy and performance
  • We build custom models for API Automation based on vendor specifications
GenAI Functionality
  • Retrieval Augmented Generation: semantic search using vector databases.
  • Agent Pipelines: multi-step, parallel agent task execution.
  • Prompt Engineering: AI instructions that perform reliably.

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API Automation

  • Enables SaaS vendors to integrate conversational capabilities
  • Translates natural language requests to API calls, using Dynamic Template Configuration Objects

GPT Upgrades

  • Enables ChatGPT developers to incorporate unique, fresh data
  • Translates natural language requests to sales leads & latest news data

Custom GPTs

  • Enables experts, consultants, and researchers to leverage their knowledge for new revenue streams
  • GPTs provides 24/7 access to your knowledge with IP protection

Semantic Search

  • Enables researchers to semantically search large unstructured datasets, including PDFs and Zotero
  • A custom chat UI shares knowledge with collaborators