GPTs join the chat - ChatGPT launches @mention

By Satya Systems
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  • GPT Mentions: A new feature in ChatGPT enabling users to use "@mention" to interact with different specialized GPT models in a conversation.

Key Features

  1. Multi-Model Interaction: Communicate with various specialized GPT models in one interface.
  2. Custom Task Automation: Use specific GPTs for designated tasks.
  3. External Application Integration: Connect ChatGPT with various tools for improved workflows.
  4. Information Management: Perform tasks like data summarization directly within ChatGPT.
  5. User Experience: Interact with a team of virtual assistants using @mentions.


  • Engage with various GPT models by using the "@" symbol followed by the model's name.
  • Switch between multiple GPT models in the same chat window.


GPT Mentions enhances the functionality of ChatGPT, offering new possibilities in AI-assisted task management and workflow efficiency.

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